Thursday, 19 March 2009

We got there. Event has taken place.

And finally event has taken place. We started on time at 2 pm. At the begging Monica made a little introduction. Firstly, his part said Vic Davies, Senior Lecture of Faculty of Enterprise & Innovation. He was talking about societal marketing. He as well highlighted subjects such as how to do charities advertisment in times of economic downturn.
Next speaker was Margaret Cox Chief Executive of the National Eczema Society. She was speaking about an issue her Charity dealing with. Margaret highlighted also how serious is illness called eczema. There are only 7 people from her organization and 6 million people in UK suffering from Eczema. She as well said about relation between charity organization and pharmaceutical company such as Stiefel laboratories. Eczema is an allergic condition that affects the skin. The natural human desire to scratch or rub an itchy rash just makes the condition worse, and treatments can be slow and are not always completely effective. Charity and Pharmacy need to work together to improve all methods fighting with illness such as eczema.

Next speaker was Pascal Waucquez, managing director of Stiefel Laboratories. He was talking about profile of company. Stiefel is a pharmaceutical firm doing specific dermatological medicine. There are one of the biggest dealing with issues pharmaceutical companies in the world. However, this company is very likely to work with small specific charities such as National Eczema Society. After this part, conclusion belonged to Vic Davies. He marked how important for all of us are events like this. about societal marketing and eczema.

At the end ruffle has taken place. We did it to raise founds for NES. There were prizes such as £20 voucher from Pizza Hut. Ruffle has not being the only one way to support NES. There is a special link "Make a donation" on right side on our Blog. You can still donate NES!

Hopefully students who have been on this event are more aware of subjects highlighted during the speeches. Also we would like to say thank you to everyone who gave us a hand during the preparation for this event.

Here are some photos which has been taken during the event:
Speakers and Organizers

Vic Davies(Bucks New University)

Margaret Cox (National Eczema Society)

Pascal Waucquez (Stiefel)

Lovely audience:)

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

New Date - Corporation and Charities: a Case of Successful Partnership


Here's the new date...

16Th March - 2pm - CLT room.

Don't forget to visit us, learn more about Societal Marketing and Help people with Eczema.

See you there!!!