Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Formed in 1975, The National Eczema Society has two principal aims: first, to provide people with independent and practical advice about treating and managing eczema; secondly, to raise awareness of the needs of those with eczema with healthcare professionals, teachers and the government.

The National Eczema Society’s research policy is to fund PhD studentships to support existing research programmes. The Society has an independent scientific committee which manages the PhD studentship selection process and ensures that proposals for research are effectively peer reviewed and monitored. The results of the PhD research projects are disseminated as widely as possible to ensure that the whole scientific community is informed of any findings. More than 250 doctors, nurses and pharmacists attend the National Eczema Society’s professional training days, which they hold around the country each year. The workshops include demonstrations on wet wraps, bandaging and emollient application, plus presentations from dermatology specialists and the chance to talk with eczema patients, to hear first hand the difficulties of living with eczema.

Their support of healthcare professionals in the community with training days and information has helped to ensure that at least 130,000 patients had access to the latest advice in treatment and care. The 2008/9 Study Programme began on September 18, 2008 in Edinburgh followed by November 20, in Manchester. Other study days are planned for Belfast, Middlesbrough, Bradford and Maidstone in 2009.

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