Saturday, 3 January 2009

How it's going to be...

We want this to be something useful by providing some theory in a nice and relax way.
It will be at Chalfont Campus, between 14pm and 15:30pm... Only One hour and a half of relaxing conversation about the importance of creating and developing relationships.


Monica Vaz Welcome: Introduction of all the speakers

Bucks New University - Vic Davies (Senior Lecturer)
Importance of Societal Marketing and the University role on educating the future generation of marketers.

National Eczema Society (NES) - Margaret Cox (Chief Executive)
Eczema Society history and cause. The importance to have companies like Stiefel helping their cause - Case study: experience from someone with Eczema.

Stiefel Laboratories - Pascal Waucquez (Managing Director)
The work they do as a Pharmaceutical company, to support this disease and how they help an organization like NES.

Bucks New University - Vic Davies
Relationships between companies and charities/ The Societal Marketing concept.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I can't belive that you first year students. In Poland we haven't got so many chance to organise event like this one. Guys! I wish good look, keep goin' in this direction and see U in February