Friday, 2 January 2009

What we have done so far

Hi All!

We have been preparing this event for a long time.
First was the whole idea then is an issue how to realise that?
Because of support from University and 2 other orgnisations((Stiefel and NES) we could not have gone so far with preparing this event. We are pleased that so far we did not find barriers from any side. Our the biggest success so far it that we still belive we're doing the right thing. We don't only want to get good mark from assigment but first of all we want make this event useful for quite few people.
One more we would like to ask for help not only for us but for those who REALLY need help and support, please come on our event at 2nd of February 2.00 pm at Main Lecture Theatre (Chalfont Campus) BUCKS New University

Do want know more information?
Send us e-mail:

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