Thursday, 8 January 2009

Join us! 2nd February at 2:00pm – Main Lecture Theatre – Chalfont Campus

Take a look at our Poster. Join us!!
Corporation and Charities: a case of successful partnership.

We are a group of 4 Marketing and PR first year students and this first year brought us a challenge – A Charity project that consist of raising funds for a Charity. To fulfil this task we decided to invite a company Stiefel Laboratories (one of the biggest Pharmaceutical companies specialised in dermatology) as well as a Charity N.E.S.- National Eczema Society to participate as speakers in a small event at Bucks New University.

During this event the subject Societal Marketing will be discussed with the collaboration of Vic Davies (Senior Lecturer) from Bucks New University.

As part of our course this event has the purpose to allow everyone to know more about Eczema disease and to receive knowledge about Societal Marketing in a relax way.

The purpose of this event is to have all students and Staff attending an event where they will receive some extra knowledge and support a Charity that works for a cause that affects over 5 million people in UK.

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Elox123 said...

Great job guys! I'm gonna be there!